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The Value of Shop Drawings




Precision Plans Texas, LLC, provides architectural shop drawings to builders in Texas.  The main objective of our service is to help the fabricator/erector (hereafter Fabricator) of the glass wall systems to efficiently fabricate their product to meet the requirements of the architectural plans.

Precision Plans Texas, LLC, provides accurate shop drawings, so that the Fabricator can clearly see any conflicts that could develop during construction.  Our expertise and focus have been to provide shop drawings to aluminum window fabricating companies that need shop drawings in hurricane-prone areas of Texas.  However, shop drawings have also been provided to builders in other parts of Texas for other building construction projects.  We are from Texas, and we cater to builders in Texas.

Contact us for information on how Precision Plans Texas, LLC, will meet the needs of your construction project.  We look forward to becoming your first-choice shop-drawings provider.



The shop drawings we have been instrumental in providing have primarily detailed the fabrication and/or installation of aluminum glass wall systems.  Shop drawings are not the architectural plans.  Shop drawings are provided by the Fabricator of a building component to the General Contractor (hereafter Builder) of the project, who then provides them to the Architect and/or Structural Engineer for review and approval, before the fabrication and construction of a component/system(s) can begin.

Precision Plans Texas, LLC, is very competent, capable, and ready to become your first-choice shop drawings provider.  With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, we have the expertise to meet your needs.  We pride ourselves in providing prompt, reliable, and accurate drawings, at a reasonable cost.  Quality customer service is our highest priority.  Our goal is to help you succeed.


Contact us for information on how Precision Plans Texas, LLC, will meet the needs of your construction project.  We look forward to becoming your first-choice shop-drawings provider.



Shop drawings are drawn to establish the details of fabricating specific components.  These details not only help the Fabricator build the glass wall system, but they also serve to reveal any conflicts that may not be readily visible before construction begins.  Shop drawings are the Fabricator’s detailed drawn version of their interpretation of the information shown in the architectural plans.  They are drawn to describe the specifications of the product components, the installation details, and the overall and detailed dimensions of the specific building components in the construction project.

Preventing errors in construction is where shop drawings obtain their value.  Before fabrication begins, the shop drawings provide a clear view for the Fabricator and Builder, to discover any potential issues that may develop when installing certain components or systems.  Facing delays due to conflicts or issues, such as ordering too much or too little material, or hiring too many or not enough workers for a job, can be extremely costly to the Fabricator and/or Builder.  Thus, shop drawings will reduce or prevent costly expenditures from occurring during the construction project.




Precision Plans Texas, LLC, makes every effort to insure the accuracy of shop drawings.  We work closely with and coordinate the accuracy of the jobsite dimensions with the Fabricator of the building components.  References to the architectural drawings are routinely made throughout the shop drawings, to ensure and to substantiate the data provided.  The shop drawings are developed using precise computer aided design (AutoCAD) software, and they are delivered digitally to the Customer in an 11"x17" PDF file format.  DXF or DWG files can also be provided, if needed.

The development of accurate shop drawings requires acute attention to detail.  And, Precision Plans Texas, LLC, has the knowledge and experience required to draw accurate shop drawings.  These shop drawings serve to save money by helping to quickly evaluate the details of the project and navigate through the construction of the aluminum glass wall system project, in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We are dedicated to help the Fabricator meet the deadlines of the building project and to work closely with the Fabricator to accomplish their work efficiently and expeditiously.





The principle reason that Architects and/or Structural Engineers review the shop drawings is to ascertain that the Fabricator understands and interprets the architectural and engineering design concepts correctly, and to redirect any misinterpretations, before they are carried out in the shop or in the field.  The shop drawings are developed by the Shop Drawings Provider for the Fabricator and then routed to the Builder, who works closely with the Architect and/or Structural Engineer to approve the shop drawings for construction.

The First Submittal is the set of shop drawings that encompasses all the requirements that were established during the bid process.  This submittal is the heart of the shop drawings and renders the Fabricator’s interpretation of the fabrication requirements.  These drawings include the details that the Fabricator will use to fabricate and install the glass wall systems.

The Architect, and/or Structural Engineer review and approve the shop drawings, because they are the designers of the project.  Together with the Builder, they compare the shop drawings to the architectural drawings, specifications, and the other related contract documents for compliance.  The approval of the shop drawings does not approve the fabrication procedures or the safety practices during construction, but it represents that the Architect and/or the Structural Engineer are satisfied that the shop drawings meet the intent of the contract documents and give permission for the fabrication of the glass systems to begin.


Contact us for information on how Precision Plans Texas, LLC, can meet the needs of your construction project. We look forward to becoming your first-choice shop-drawings provider.



Exterior glass wall framing system(s) are engineered systems that must have appropriate supporting building wall substrate to operate as designed.  If installed according to the specifications outlined in the engineered Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) testing reports, the glass wall system will operate as designed.  Any deviations to the requirements of the TDI reports trigger separate engineering design of the building wall components, to certify that the transfer of the wind load from the glass wall system will meet the requirements for the project.

The exterior building walls, are designed by the Architect and/or Structural Engineer.  The Fabricator will identify the building component substrates that deviate from the TDI documents. If requested, Precision Plans Texas, LLC, can then obtain the stamped calculations from a professional engineer and then transfer the necessary details of the specific calculations to the shop drawings.  The shop drawings, together with the calculations, will then be submitted to the Architect and/or the Structural Engineer for approval.



After the project is completed, it may be necessary to document the finished as-built conditions of the project.  In producing "as-built" drawings, it is essential that the field dimensions and details of the substrate be verified and "red-lined" onto the shop drawings for correction. With those "red-lined" drawings, Precision Plans Texas, LLC, can then provide "as-built" drawings.  Close coordination with the Contractor to obtain the required "as-built" dimensions and construction details is essential during this process.



A quote can be provided during the bidding stage of the project, a price for service can be agreed to up front, or the project can be quoted and invoiced after the services have been provided, based on the the amount and type of services provided.

If you want a quote so that you can bid the project, applicable reference material will be required for review, to provide the quote.  Some of the applicable documents needed may include the following:


  • Applicable Sheets of Architectural Drawings - in PDF and/or DWG format,
  • Applicable Copies of Specifications - in PDF and/or DOC format,
  • Applicable Addenda (if any) - in PDF format,
  • Specifics of Quoted Materials:  (Aluminum System, Glazing, Caulking, & Hardware) in PDF format,
  • Applicable Signed Copies of Substitution Requests (if any) - (Material Changes) in PDF format,
  • Applicable Texas Department of Insurance (TDI or NOA) Reports - in PDF format, and/or
  • Applicable Change Orders (if any) - (as they occur) in PDF and/or DWG format.


Customer satisfaction is a priority, and the shop-drawings are guaranteed to meet the desires of the Fabricator.  Confidentiality of the information that the Fabricator provides to Precision Plans Texas, LLC, is of upmost importance and will be kept private. 

Clear communication between the Fabricator and Precision Plans Texas, LLC, about expectations is essential from the beginning.  The more we know about your project and what your needs are, the better we can serve you.


Contact us for information on how Precision Plans Texas, LLC, can meet the needs of your construction project. We look forward to becoming your first-choice shop-drawings provider.



Our company is registered, and is doing business as Precision Plans Texas, LLC, in the State of Texas.

Mission:  The mission of Precision Plans Texas, LLC, is to provide accurate, high-quality shop drawings for architectural projects in a timely manner.
Philosophy:  Our philosophy is focused on nurturing business relationships that are established on reliability, producing deliverables that are driven by precise accuracy, and providing work that does not waiver from the highest level of customer service.
Vision:  The vision of Precision Plans Texas is to become the first-choice provider of shop drawings, to every aluminum fabricating company in the state of Texas.

Federico Peña, Owner, CEO
Federico (aka Fred) has a Bachelor of Architecture (Structures) and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (Structures) and has worked in the construction field for over 30 years.  His exposure to the building industry from a regulatory point of view, gives him a unique advantage and insight on the approval procedures and the legal aspects of building construction.  The combination of Bachelor degrees, coupled with over 30 years of work experience in the construction industry, leads him to make sound, effective, and timely decisions, when it comes to interpreting architectural construction drawings and for providing the shop drawings needed for the project.



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